Creating strategy for your business with the people who really matter.

Six steps to the complete strategic plan.

1) Passion - What are you truly passionate about? What is your company passionate about? How do you use these passions to build the most profitable model for your business?

2) Identity - Who are you? What does your brand say about you? Who do your customers and employees think that you are? How does your brand carry value?

3) Beliefs and values - What are your beliefs and values? Do they support your passions and the business plan? Which beliefs do you need to keep and which do you want to change?

4) Capabilities - What are your key capabilities? What capabilities do you need to acquire to achieve your passion? How do you improve on your capabilities and turn them into money?

5) Behaviour - What behaviours do you see within your organisation? How does your structure support your passions? What do these behaviours say about you? Are they the most profitable and productive for you?

6) Environment - How does your strategy impact on your environment? How do you communicate it to your customers, the market and your employees?

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