Coach training with stepping stones

What makes a great manager?

Think of the best manager you ever had. What made that person the best? Was it their ability to generate powerful results? Was it their skill in doing their job? or Was it the ability to produce the best from you and from the rest of the team? Was it their ability to coach?

The best managers in all industries and in all walks of life are individuals who have the ability to coach.

Stepping stones is the complete training course giving every manager who attends the skills to become a first class coach.

Coaching skills:

Building rapport.

Holding the space.

Offering suggestions.

Powerful questions.

Planning and action.

Closure and follow up.

Coaching structure:

Identifying areas of change.

Developing an outcome goal.

Analysing present strengths & weaknesses (State).

Developing choices and resources.

Developing an action plan.

Measurement and follow up.

5 things that coaching delivers

1) Harnesses people's talents and strengths.

2) Improves business performance.

3) Radically improves employee job satisfaction.

4) Sustains the individual, the organisation and the environment.

5) Enhances skills in personal leadership and in working together.