My name is Mike and I am a coach. I have been a coach for more than 10 years and in that time I have successfully helped hundreds of clients. I coach individual people, I coach other coaches and I coach businesses when they need to work on their strategic planning and direction. I coach in the boardroom, I coach in my office, I coach in person, face to face, and I coach on the phone and on Skype. In this way I can help clients from all over the world.

I train people in the principles and basic skills of coaching. I train company directors, I train business leaders and I train managers. The people who receive my training become better at their job, because they have the skills to help their team members and employees to achieve their outcome goals. They also have the skills to align the goals of their employees and team members to those of the organisation that they work for in order to achieve greater harmony in the workplace and increase employee satisfaction.

I initially studied coaching techniques in a course that is recognised by the International Coaching Federation. In addition to that I studied advanced coaching and development techniques including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Clean Language and Clean Space techniques and there are a wealth of tools that I have developed to help my clients to achieve their outcome goals. I am also part of a coaching network that can provide expertise wherever a need is found.

If I let my mind wander to my past I can visit some of the things that I used to be. I was a sales person, a sales manager and, climbing the pyramid of success, a sales director. I used to be in charge of human resource development for a major blue chip international corporation and I was responsible for organising and providing delivery of training for hundreds of people. I graduated from a major UK university with a Master of Business Administration degree specialising in strategic marketing and strategic planning. Part of me is still all of these things and I bring the skills that I have learned from this experience along with me to the benefit of my clients and their organisations.

I would like to coach you and the people in your organisation, if you want to know more about me then please contact me using my contact page.